Eggs, Any Style

(For egg whites, add .75)
Two eggs served with home-style potatoes and choice of toast.  $9.50

Add side of ham, bacon (2), or sausage links (2). $12.00      

 #1 Veggie Scramble: served with home-style potatoes and 

choice of toast. $10.25


#2 Meat Scramble: mix in  your choice of ham or link sausage.  $12.00  


#3 Scramble in a WRAP either #1 or #2 in a tortilla.  $10.25/ $12.00     

Made fresh with three eggs and served  with a choice of our own FRESHLY BAKED toasted bread and home-style potatoes.              

#1 CHEESE: Choice of cheddar, jack, feta or mozarella cheese.  $12.00   


#2 MUSHROOM: Grilled portabella and button mushrooms with goat cheese. $12.00 


 #3 MEAT: choice of bacon (2), sausage links (2) or ham with roasted red bell peppers and green onions.  $13.00


#4 MEDITERRANIAN: artichoke hearts, roasted tomato, sauteed spinach, avocado and feta cheese.  $12.00


#5 WRAP any of the omelets in one of our tortillas,  with potatoes on the side. $12.50          

Breakfast Burritos


All burritos are filled with THREE FLUFFY SCRAMBLED EGGS and our HOME-STYLE POTATOES AND your CHOICE of tortilla.

  #1 MEAT: choice of ham, bacon, sausage links with spinach,  avocado,  red onion, and sliced tomato $12.00


#2 ROASTED PASILLA PEPPERS, caramelized onion, mushrooms and feta, jack, cheddar OR mozarella cheese. $11.50 


 Prepared in our hardwood-fired pizza oven with OUR OWN FRESHLY MADE PIZZA DOUGH- Served after 9:00 a.m. All pizzas will be 10" - please allow 15 minutes to prepare

TWO EGGS scrambled or sunny side up served ON OUR house-made tomato sauce AND mozarella cheese WITH: 


 #1 FRESH tomato $13.95      

#2 MUSHROOMS, spinach and caramelized onions $15.00      

#3 ROASTED RED BELL PEPPER, bacon and green onion add ham or sausage links $2.00 more  $15.00 


Brioche French Toast Creamy, thick slices topped with seasonal fruit (2) $8.50


Belgian Vanilla Waffle topped with whipped cream and seasonal fruit $7.50

Buttermilk Pancakes served with seasonal fruit  (3)  $8.25  

Blueberry pancakes (3)  $8.95

       Chocolate Chip Pancakes (3) $8.95     

Moonside Combos


#1 one egg, one buttermilk pancake, home style potatoes  and choice of bacon (2) or sausage links (2). $12.00     


#2 one egg, one thick slice of our creamy brioche french toast, 

home style potatoes, and choice of bacon (2) or sausage links. $12.00  


#3 two eggs, one buttermilk pancake, one slice of our creamy 

french toast, and choice of bacon (3) or sausage links(3).  $13.50 



Fast To-Go Menu

 Available Monday thru Friday 7:30-10:00 a.m. only        

Two eggs scrambled and 

sliced tomato on your choice of 

bagel or croissant  $7.25       

add: cheese .75     

avocado $1.00   

ham, bacon, or link sausage  $2.50     


FRUIT SALAD (seasonal fruits) 

 Cup/bowl with yogurt dressing $5.95/$8.50      

 OATMEAL with golden raisins and brown sugar. $4.95       

Side Orders

Egg(1) $3.10    Eggs(2). $4.25

House Made Potatoes $4.25

Chicken Apple Sausage (2). $5.00 

Bacon(3) Pork or Turkey. $5.00

Sausage Links (3) Pork or Chicken $5.00

Sourdough, Whole Wheat, or Sweet French Toast $2.75 

Buttermilk Pancake (1).  $4.00

Blueberry Pancake (1).  $4.50

Chocolate Chip Pancake(1). $4.50

Brioche French Toast (1). $6.50